As distributors to the trade and retail sector for PPG, Protec, 3M, ColorPak, and Pacer, we believe we’re a one-stop-shop for all your paint and panel needs. Find out more about our extensive range of products below, or come and visit us in-store!



We stock a wide variety of paints, coatings, and materials from PPG Industries, including automotive paint, industrial paint, and Protec paint. With an expansive range of colour options available that utilise the best in paint and special effects technology, you can have complete faith in PPG products.

Why not ask in-store about our special industrial and marine coatings that are designed to handle the most demanding conditions? We’ve truly got a paint product for every situation.

3M Automotive Products


As knowledgeable vehicle enthusiasts, the team at Southern Paints understands just important quality automotive preparation products can be. Without the very best foundation to work from, you can’t expect a quality result at the end.

That’s why we offer 3M products for various stages of the automotive panel and paint process. From polishing pads and seam sealer tape to body filler and putty, we have it all! Contact us today to find out what 3M products you’ll need to tackle your next big project.

Pacer Cleaning Products

Behind every sparkling clean finish is a high-quality cleaning product that made it so. Southern Paints are stockists of some of the best cleaning products in New Zealand, courtesy of Pacer.

Come and talk to the friendly team about glass cleaners, degreasers, solvent cleaners, and more. We’ve got a cleaning product for almost every situation.



For a convenient automotive painting experience, ask us about our ColorPak aerosols. We stock a wide variety of standard, Coloursteel, and Professional ColorPak aerosols in pre-filled cans.

Our Coloursteel range is suitable for various projects, including minor roof damage repairs, garage door repairs, flashings, guttering, and more.

We also offer ColorPak Professional Acrylic for all your automotive metal parts, motorbike parts, marine parts, and more.

If you require a specific formulated colour from a code, we can help with that, too. Our team can fill ColorPak spray cans on-site.

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